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Totaro Communications is an independent public relations/marketing communications consultancy specializing in strategic public relations in a wide array of industries including sports, cable television, entertainment, lifestyle, publishing and new media.

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John Totaro

Totaro Communications
Totaro Communications Totaro Communications

We meet client goals whether they are to build a brand, sell tickets, attract viewers, sell products, gain market share, manage issues and more. We analyze clients' communications history, needs, issues and problems, and present innovative approaches, specifically devised to support clients' overall business sales
and marketing goals.

Totaro Communications in the News:

“I don't think it's a real big PR hit for the players, and I don’t think they are being portrayed as bad guys, nor the owners as the good guys,’’ said John Totaro, president of New York-based Totaro Communications. “I think that the fans are disgusted with the total situation and just want football to start on time. They see the whole situation as bad. “The constant perception that has been prevalent throughout the lockout is billionaire owners having a dispute with millionaire players. The average person cannot relate to that and just wants the football season to be played.”

John Totaro on Player's PR in The Boston Globe: